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People safety first.
Following the new government regulations after COVID 19 pandemic, we are ready to restart our business at full speed.
We inform you that our events will take place in conditions of maximum safety for all our attendees. 

Come and see at Surtechno facility the Live Demo of the new door trim family mold mounted on a 2300 tons Krauss Maffei injection molding machine.  

The precise and responsive FLEXflow Evo technology allows for low-warpage, defect-free parts with finely grained surfaces. 
The part will be produced with a PP Near to Prime recycled compound (Talc reinforced) from Ravago Group.

Additionally, Krauss Maffei will showcase a KM 120-540 PX electrical machine at the event.


September 10th, 2020, Surtechno Headquarters in Pelt

Live Demonstrations • Best Practices • Visit to the Surtechno tool shop • Networking Opportunity



Three differently sized parts

  • Door liner: 560 cm³ (volume) - 658x484x131 (part size) 2.3 mm (average thickness). Aesthetic part.
  • Map pocket: 338 cm³ (volume) - 195x595x119 (part size) 2.4 mm (average thickness). Aesthetic part.
  • Reinforcing bar: 58 cm³ (volume) - 403x55x75 (part size) 3.0 mm (average thickness). Structural part.

Molding material

  • Designed for processing propylene and additionally ABS
  • Live Demo Molding Material : Polypropylene PP

One-shot production: yes, you can!

FLEXflow Evo Technology manages the individual control of the servo-electric drives for all the eight hot runner valve gate systems used in this application.

This means each individual valve pin can be finely regulated to optimize the appropriate pressures, flow rates and volumes of the melt in all three cavities.

This precise control prevents overfeeding and flash formation on smaller parts while all cavities are filled at the same time.

The final result? Flawless, finely grained surfaces

The use of the FLEXflow Evo technology ensures flawless, finely grained surfaces without pressure lines or flow marks even though these parts differ considerably from one another in terms of their dimensions and volumes.

Thanks to the ability to precisely control the pressure on each nozzle during the holding pressure phase, the exact shrinkage of the desired part can be attained in each individual cavity

Regarding the cross-sections, the hot runner system is designed so material and color changes can be performed quickly.   




>   9.30 –   9.50  am       Welcome by "Surtechno, the European mould clinic", Surtechno

>   9.50 – 10.10  am       "HRSflow corporate overview", HRSflow

> 10.10 – 10.30  am       "Finding your way in the circular plastics", Ultrapolymers

> 10.30 – 10.50  am       Sustainability matters, Advances in recycled plastic solutions for Automotive & Beyond”, Ravago Group                                     

> 10.50 – 11.10  am            --    Coffee Break    --

> 11.10 – 11.30  am       "New ways for injected automotive applications", KraussMaffei Technologies GmbH

> 11.30 – 12.00  am       "FLEXflow Evo: High process performance on your finger's tip"HRSflow

12.00 – 12.20  pm       "M-hub: the first global App dedicated to the plastic industry"​, m-hub

> 12.20 – 13.30  pm           --    Lunch & Surtechno plant tour (2 groups)    --

> 13.30 – 14.45  pm       Live Demo of the new door trim family mold mounted on a 2300 tons Krauss Maffei injection molding machine                         

14.45 – 16.45  pm       Networking




Advanced hot runner solutions
HRSflow designs and manufactures hot runner systems for a wide range of applications in plastic injection molding: from the automotive market to the field of houseware, technical, logistics & environmental applications. 
Thanks to its global structure with 3 production plants - in Europe, Asia and in United States - and more than 50 sales/service centers worldwide, it can support customers with 24/7 technical service.


The digital platform for the plastic manufacturing industry
M-hub is a digital platform and meeting place for the plastic manufacturing industry. A community to deepen your knowledge and strengthen your business, worldwide. m-hub intends to create the biggest network worldwide in the plastic industry and link all the manufacturing chain.
more info:


Pioneering plastics
In Munich, KraussMaffei has its main office and also the biggest factory for producing IMM. With more than 6.000 employees worldwide, KraussMaffei produces injection molding machines, robots, RPM machines, extruders and compounders. Present in all applications of the Plastics market, KraussMaffei is the leader in developing and producing the newest technologies!
At the K Fair in 2016, KraussMaffei introduced the new PX-series, the fully electrical Injection Molding Machine.At the Surtechno Tech Day, KraussMaffei shows the KM 120-540 PX.  This machine has 1200 kN clamp force and a shot volume, depending on the size of the barrel, between 226 and 353 cm3. The machine is equipped with a hydraulic pump as standard, for the additional mold movements like core pullers, or shut-off needles.


Tool modifications, maintenance & trials. Second stage partners &  test centre
Surtechno is a mould service company with the expertise and equipment to handle a wide variety of modifications and repairs to a wide range of tools.
Surtechno is experienced in plastic injection, die casting, compression moulding and rubber vulcanisation. Highest quality and a fast turnaround at the same time.
Starting from January, 1, Surtechno becomes service partner of HRSflow for Benelux in order to provide a faster and qualified support to the customers.


High-quality services & expert support on technical solutions 
Ultrapolymers offers a wide range of commodity and speciality polymers. The partnership with industry-leading producers allows Ultrapolymers to offer a diverse product portfolio, providing customers with the best solutions for their projects and applications as well with prime materials as with sustainable products. Established in Belgium in October 2002 and being part of the Ravago Group, Ultrapolymers has rapidly become a respected leader in polymer distribution.





Surtechno nv
Siberiëstraat 5
3900 Pelt - Belgium


At your disposal:


September 10th, 2020
From 9.30 am to 5.00 pm